Bangkok to Yangon by bicycle – overview off the ride and distances

Arriving in Bangkok

Day 1 – Bangkok to Ban Pong (91,5km)

Day 2 – Ban Pong to Kanchanaburi; Death Railway Museum and war cemetary (52km)

Day 3 – Kanchanaburi to Phunamrong, Bordercrossing Thailand – Myanmar (72km)

Day 4 – Phunamrong – crossing into Myanmar – to Sinbyndaing (49km)

Day 5 –  Sinbyndaing to Dawei (10km bike, then car)

Restday in Dawei

Day 6 – Dawei to Kyauk Shat (77km)

Day 7 – Kyauk Shat to Ye (89km)

Restday in Ye

Day 8 –Ye to 25km before Thanbyazyat (74km)

Day 9 – Before Thanbyazyat (war cemetary about Death Railway) to Mawlamyaing/Moulmein – (88km)

Restday in Maylamyaing/Moulmein

Day 10 – Maylamyaing/Moulmein to Thaton (69km)

Day 11 – Thaton to Kinpun (85km)

Day 12 – Sightseeing “Golden Rock”, Kinpun to Sittong River (41km)

Day 13 – Sittong River to Bago (65km)

Restday in Bago

Day 14 – Bago to Yangon (80km)

Total: 942,5km.

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