About Me

Neela just wanted to leave her comfort zone when she left to work in China in 2014. But then, if it’s possible to fall in love with a country, she fell in love with China and admires South-East-Asia as well. Whenever she can, she goes back to travel new places and deeper explore the ones she already knows in China and South-East-Asia.

Her preferred means of transport for that is her bicycle as it allows her to choose roads less traveled, getting in touch with people while she is choosing the pace of her travel.

This page helps her share, document and reflect what is happening on the road. And that’s a lot when cycling. Especially as Neela tends to go through the whole range of emotions on a bike-riding-day.

Whenever she can’t be here in China, she loves writing articles about it to share her fascination and her experiences with the readers of www.saporedicina.com

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