Day 13 to 16 – Peixian

So many things happened – I will need some time to write down the stories.
But I had an amazing time in Peixian, experienced the culture, spend time with my friend and her family. It was relaxing, even though we did many different things and I experienced so much I would fall asleep at 9pm.
And I got around to organize so much – especially since I had her help.

Details will follow, I just leave you with some pics for now.

What’s most important for a cyclist to relax? Knowing her bike is safe!
The prettiest mantous ever! Huan has so much fun experimenting with colours and shapes
One of the best and most special experiences in Peixian!
.. that’s all I am taking to Korea with me. I sacrificed everything long-sleeved apart from my rain-coat.
Sending some of my stuff to Yunnan

Author: Neela

Love to discover the world, love to cycle and love to do my own thing - so here I am, writing how I do all this three things at once when cycling around the world, or so far, mostly Asia.

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    1. Und, wie sind sie geworden? 🙂 Ich biete mich übrigens gerne als professionelle Testesserin an, wenn ich zurück bin 😉

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