Being a tourist at home – a photo essay of North-Germany

A couple of weeks ago I cycled around 170km round-trip to visit my grandma. I decided to take about the same kind of pictures I took when cycling in Asia. As in..Well, See for yourselves – in no particular order:

A nice spot to have a rest – a bench and a table at the road side welcoming travelers 

Typical cattle for North-Germany – black-and-white-cows. They are mainly used for milk, so they have to get a calf every year. Mother and baby get seperated as the baby is not supposed to drink its mothers milk. The cows are killed after a few years, when their milk production decreases

Memorial site in a small village for the sons that fell in WWI

That’s a very typical modern house in North-German-style made from red bricks and having a red roof.

Old farm houses. The lower one is a square-framed one.


Memorial for a beloved person who’s been killed in a car accident


Typical graveyard


The sign reads “protestant churchservice Sunday 10am” and these kind of signs fascinated me badly as a kid. Villages and some towns have them so everyone knows what time they can go to church. Especially Catholic ones would quote more than one service a weekend – which impressed little-me very much. Like, one Saturday night and two on Sunday morning. I kept wondering, who would believe in God so much, that they would go to church so often or so early, like at 6am, on a Sunday?

I followed some beautiful, small and quiet avenues


No country-side photo essay would be complete without a picture of farm workers, would it?

And never ever any essay without a food photo. That’s my lunch. 


Some crop to my right – that’s corn growing here. I also cycled passed apple trees but didn’t take pictures at that time.


Some more road.


Something surprisingly purple in a midst of grey – yes, that’s a picture where I took the same one in China. I was cycling on a rainy day, everything was grey. There were no colors at all, when – all of a sudden – a purple building appeared. So of course I had to stop to take a pictures of this purple wagoon

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